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You must have some questions! New places, new experiences, and new dreams always come with some confusion. Worry not! We are here to make everything clear and easy for you. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients:

Fees and Service Charges

While completing the booking process, we will let you know about the fees of the model that you want to take out with you. The fees vary according to the model, time, and services that you seek.

Are the Fees Fixed?

Yes. The rates shared with you are fixed and cannot be changed at any moment. Please rest assured that our rates are very competitive as compared to any Amsterdam escort service and we pride ourselves in the quality of our services.

Are the pictures of the models real?

Yes, 100% real! All the escort girls in Amsterdam listed as models on the Amsterdam Escorte site are called for an exclusive interview where we discuss different aspects of the services to be offered through our platform. This interview also involves an official photo shoot with the model. Moreover, the photo galleries of the models are regularly updated with fresh photos.

Are there any terms and conditions?

Amsterdam Escorts serves as a reliable and secure platform where we connect the top escorts in Amsterdam with passionate people looking to have a good time. The models here are independent individuals who are not professional escorts but do this as a side job for leisure and fun.

This platform does not build a relationship between a client (you), and us as a vendor. Through this platform, you get the opportunity to connect with the best call girls in Amsterdam. However, the models are free to accept or decline your offer and set the conditions of the date with you.

As a user of this platform, the person you are actually dealing with is the model herself. She sets the deal; this includes fees and the types of services that she agrees to offer you during the date. As you can see in the portfolios of different models, everyone has her own set of offers and talents.

Hence, the terms and conditions are set by the model and the booking will be finalized only when you mutually agree with those terms and conditions. Most of the time, the terms are very straightforward; such as timely payment, a comfortable place, and respectful company.

Are your models professional escorts? Is this what they do for a living?

Absolutely not! The models on Amsterdam Escorte are not professional call girls in Amsterdam. Most of our models do this as a side job that gives them a highly rewarding, sensual, and lively escape from their routine life. The majority of our VIP escorts in Amsterdam are students and professionals doing white-collar jobs.

Is my personal data/information safe with Amsterdam Escorte Agency?

Amsterdam Escorte provides a 100% guarantee to its members about their data safety and privacy. We never compromise on any of your private information and employ the most secure tools and resources to keep our data safe with us. We never share any of your details with a third-party individual or organization. Moreover, there are clear instructions to our VIP escorts in Amsterdam to take special care of clients’ privacy. Your private information is safe with us; forever!

How much can I rely on the discretion of the model?

A high level of professionalism is the trademark of our escort girls in Amsterdam. Our business relies on the top-level discretion kept by our model escorts. So, you can feel at home when you are a member of Escorte Amsterdam. At the same time, we expect your side to give our top escorts in Amsterdam the same degree of privacy and discretion.

Will the invoice/ credit card bill include your business details?

No. Any invoices, bills, or credit card invoices generated from our side will not include the details of our business. While many of our clients prefer not to take an invoice, if required, we will generate the bills through a legit company that is not related to the hospitality or leisure industry.

Can I book my favorite for extended holiday trips/ weekends?

Yes! Our model escort in Amsterdam loves traveling and fun! If you absolutely love the short time spent together with our model escort in Amsterdam and want to extend the company over a weekend, you can do that.

However, we expect you as a gentleman to settle the deal with the model escort Amsterdam beforehand such as fees, number of days, and destinations. You may clearly mention the total duration, locations, and countries that you want to take her with you.

What if I have to cancel the booking on short notice?

Life is full of unexpected events. If you have to cancel/delay your appointment with our escort in Amsterdam, we highly encourage you to inform us at least one hour prior to the actual time. If the payment has been done already, it will be safe with us for your next appointment.

What if the Model and I cannot get along well?

While our models are beautiful, classy, and polite, the chemistry match is not guaranteed only through looks. If during the date, you feel like you cannot get along with the model, we would appreciate it if you end the date politely. Our models will understand the situation and will take your leave. We would also encourage you to settle on an amount that covers the model’s time and expenses until that point.

What about the place? Where would I date with the model?

The place arrangements would be done from your side. While confirmation of the booking takes place, we will ask you about your hotel or the place where you want to meet our model. It can be a restaurant, a bar, a downtown street, or a hotel room.

Can I go to the model's personal residence?

No. Our top escorts in Amsterdam don’t offer any place facilities for a date. The models will love to be at the place selected by you. Normally, downtown restaurants and hotels are the most comfortable, and escorts in Amsterdam love to be there.

Can I contact the models privately before the date?

Direct contact with the escort in Amsterdam is not allowed and certainly not encouraged. Our models only agree to go on dates that are arranged through the platform. We encourage our clients to contact call girls in Amsterdam through our site to ensure 100% guaranteed deals and top-quality services.

Are there any special instructions while I am on the date with one of your models?

First of all, just relax and enjoy your time. You have selected the best platform to meet VIP escorts in Amsterdam. If you have already completed the booking, get ready to live the best time of your life! Without peace of mind, it is difficult to have a good time so all you need to do is keep calm and enjoy!

Our escorts in Amsterdam are highly educated, mature, well-mannered, and sensitive people who are ready to do anything to give you the best experience; anything you want!

From your side, we expect you to do the payments in advance. As money is always a sensitive issue, our model escorts in Amsterdam will feel secure when they receive the agreed amount in full. As soon as the payment is secured, the model is all yours! Feel free to fulfill all your fantasies and dreams with her!

While our escort Amsterdam will go to any lengths to give you the best experience, certain things can create disagreements and uncomfortable situations during the date. Please avoid asking for personal contact details and residential addresses from our escorts in Amsterdam. You can also avoid talking about her personal life and comparing her with your previous dates with other escorts in Amsterdam.

Please keep in mind that if you get access to private information from the escort, Amsterdam Escorte cannot guarantee your privacy, data safety, and discretion. Therefore, it is important that you keep the date within the agreed parameters.

We hope we have answered all the queries you have in mind. If you need further information about our services or models, please feel free to call us on +31 687-381-122. Our customer representatives will love to assist you at any time.

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